Ohio Teeters Toward Romney: Undecided Voters Key Demographic

WINTER SPRINGS, Florida—Ohio residents rewarded Romney with a small bump after he officially accepted the nomination at the Republican Conference; Florida polls remained constant. According to a new survey conducted by Gravis Marketing and Capitol Correspondent, the bump was negligible, but the broad shift among demographic groups in Ohio could mean good news for Romney.

Likely Voters Shift Toward Romney

Before the Republican Convention, Barack Obama was leading the polls across all demographic groups except for over 50 voters. Since the convention, his numbers have slipped and Romney is gaining ground in this tight race. Romney is leading in every group except for the youngest voters.

  • Obama’s lead dropped from a six point spread to just three points among women voters.
  • Romney held onto an eleven point lead among male voters
  • Obama gained ground with 18-29 year-old voters—up by 13 points
  • For 30-39 year old voters, Romney is ahead 51 percent to 38 percent
  • Romney leads among 40-49 year-old voters with a 57 percent to 36 percent spread.
  • Voters over fifty are statistically tied with Romney at 46 percent and Obama at 45 percent.

Brown V Mandel

Before the convention Brown held a narrow lead over Republican Josh Mandel in the Senate race. Post-convention the race has tightened to less than a one percent difference between the two contenders and put Mandel on top. While still within the 2.9 percent error ratio, the 3-point jump gives Mandel a slight advantage.

Independent voters are going to cast the deciding votes in November’s election. Obama could still take Ohio if Brown loses, but it is too close to call today.

For press inquiries, contact Doug Kaplan, Gravis Marketing, at 407-242-1870 or doug@gravismarketing.com. Polling was conducted using an automated call system to reach likely voters in Ohio by telephone. This poll has a 2.9% margin of error.


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