Gravis Marketing Political Poll for September 7 and 8

Covering almost 1,550 potential voters in the Ohio state region, Gravis Marketing spent September 7th and 8th covering the recent impact of the Republican and Democrat conventions and how messaging coming out of the two events swayed people. The Gravis survey was designed similar to one run two weeks before in August, asking the same questions of respondents to measure and gauge any change between the two response sets. Gravis Marketing regularly works as a provider of non-partisan political polling for various campaign races as well as social issues affecting voting.

Unlike normal political polls which keep asking respondents different queries each time, the repeat question set used by Gravis Marketing focused on both the Senate race between Sherrod Brown and Josh Mandel, the general direction of the country, who people believe between the presidential candidates is the more charitable-minded of the two, the job performance of Governor Kasich, whether homosexual marriage should be allowed or not and more.

Not surprisingly, given the prime time media fanfare watching the event, candidate Mitt Romney’s prior surge right after the Republican convention gave up ground a week later as President Barack Obama and the Democrat convention gained the immediate attention. Obama’s poll numbers in the survey bumped up 4 percentage pointsto 47% versus the previous score of 43%. This polling turnover was a flip-flop from a week earlier where Mitt Romney had the lead with a slight 45%, up from 44% earlier. More changes are expected over the weeks to come.

The presidential results, which draw the most attention essentially show Ohio is a free-for-all between the two candidates. Neither is coming into the next week with a commanding lead, signalling that if the remainder of the election is the same, this presidency ballot is going to be a tight race to the finish. However, it also signals the final run, which could be highlighted by a debate. If that occurs, and one of the two candidates flubs on TV, it could be the October surprise that changes the race or clinches it completely.


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