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Florida Governor Poll | Gravis Marketing | Rick Scott and Charlie Crist

Gravis MarketingHuman Events and Gravis Marketing conducted a random survey of 932 registered Florida voters about current events and the upcoming 2014 elections, including the Florida governorship, medical marijuana, gay marriage, Obamacare, and gun rights, among others.  The poll carries a margin of error of  3%.  Here are the results; crosstabs according to the demographic characteristics are available by contacting Gravis Marketing. The poll was conducted 11-8-2013 to 11-10-2013 using automated IVR telephone calls, calling a random sample of registered voters.
Florida Gov. Rick Scott trails former governor Charlie Crist by 10 points in our Nov. 9 poll of 932 Florida registered voters, Scott 36%, Crist 46% and Unsure 19%. Among Independents Crist beats Scott 51 percent to 30 percent with 19 percent undecided.

If the election for Governor were held today, for whom would you vote?

Fl govWhat is your opinion of republican Rick Scott?

Rick ScottWhat is your opinion of Democrat Charlie Crist?

UnderstandsWho do you think understands and cares about issues of average Floridians?

Understands If you were broken down, who do you think would stop and offer help to fix your tire? 

Fixes Tire Do you support medical marijuana being available in the State of Florida?

medical marijuana Should the state of Florida have cooperated with Obamacare?

obamacare Should the State of Florida expand or restrict gun rights?

gun rights Should the state of Florida allow gay marriage?

gay marriage What is your opinion of George Sheldon?

george shldon What is your opinion of Pam Bondi?

pam bondi What is your opinion of Perry Thurston?

perry thurston What is your opinion of Hillary Clinton?

hilary clintonWhat is your opinion of Marco Rubio?

marco rubioIf the election for Attorney General were held today, would you vote for Pam Bondi or Perry Thurston?

bondi or thurstonIf the election for Attorney General were held today, would you vote for Pam Bondi or George Sheldon? bondi or sheldonIf the election for president were held today, would you vote for Marco Rubio or Hillary Clinton?

rubio or clintonNote: the polls were conducted using automated telephone and weighed according to anticipated demographic characteristics.  Previous Gravis Marketing polls Politico  2012 Polls


Gravis Marketing | IVR Poll | Nebraska Senate Race

Executive Summary

Gravis Marketing conducted a random survey of 1,842 registered Nebraska voters on 9/6/2013 to 9/7/2013 about Republican Senate candidates.  All survey participants must have had voted in at least one Republican primary.  Overall, the poll carries a 2.2% margin of error.

This poll was conducted using automated IVR phone calls.

Key Findings
  • Osborn leads with 41%, while Dinsdale has 7%, Sasse has 5%, and McLeay with 2%.
  • 44% of survey participants were unsure
  • Besides Osborn, Dinsdale, Sasse, and McLeay have a name recognition problem, with 91%, 81%, and 86% of survey participants unaware of them.
  • Osborn has a favorability advantage, with 44% to 9% favorability to unfavorability range.

Gravis Marketing | Hosted IVR

Gravis Marketing  | Hosted IVR

Gravis Marketing

Gravis Marketing

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