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Florida Governor Poll | Gravis Marketing | Rick Scott and Charlie Crist

Gravis MarketingHuman Events and Gravis Marketing conducted a random survey of 932 registered Florida voters about current events and the upcoming 2014 elections, including the Florida governorship, medical marijuana, gay marriage, Obamacare, and gun rights, among others.  The poll carries a margin of error of  3%.  Here are the results; crosstabs according to the demographic characteristics are available by contacting Gravis Marketing. The poll was conducted 11-8-2013 to 11-10-2013 using automated IVR telephone calls, calling a random sample of registered voters.
Florida Gov. Rick Scott trails former governor Charlie Crist by 10 points in our Nov. 9 poll of 932 Florida registered voters, Scott 36%, Crist 46% and Unsure 19%. Among Independents Crist beats Scott 51 percent to 30 percent with 19 percent undecided.

If the election for Governor were held today, for whom would you vote?

Fl govWhat is your opinion of republican Rick Scott?

Rick ScottWhat is your opinion of Democrat Charlie Crist?

UnderstandsWho do you think understands and cares about issues of average Floridians?

Understands If you were broken down, who do you think would stop and offer help to fix your tire? 

Fixes Tire Do you support medical marijuana being available in the State of Florida?

medical marijuana Should the state of Florida have cooperated with Obamacare?

obamacare Should the State of Florida expand or restrict gun rights?

gun rights Should the state of Florida allow gay marriage?

gay marriage What is your opinion of George Sheldon?

george shldon What is your opinion of Pam Bondi?

pam bondi What is your opinion of Perry Thurston?

perry thurston What is your opinion of Hillary Clinton?

hilary clintonWhat is your opinion of Marco Rubio?

marco rubioIf the election for Attorney General were held today, would you vote for Pam Bondi or Perry Thurston?

bondi or thurstonIf the election for Attorney General were held today, would you vote for Pam Bondi or George Sheldon? bondi or sheldonIf the election for president were held today, would you vote for Marco Rubio or Hillary Clinton?

rubio or clintonNote: the polls were conducted using automated telephone and weighed according to anticipated demographic characteristics.  Previous Gravis Marketing polls Politico  2012 Polls


Political Marketing 2013

The Importance of  Political Marketing and Political AdvertisingImage

Today’s political campaign landscape offers many opportunities to connect with potential voters including email, phone, direct mail, and the Internet. A successful campaign will explore how all of these can be used in combination to achieve the ideal goals of the campaign.

            Political advertising is critical for raising awareness about a new candidate or an issue. Despite the presence of 24 hour news stations, most people are relatively uninformed on the myriad of issues or candidates up for election. In non-presidential years, it’s even more important that campaigns reach out to voters, since many are unlikely to show up to the polls without a push in that direction. With political advertising, the message is easily and quickly shared with the audience to raise their awareness and call them to action. A campaign that does not appropriately incorporate political advertising into their plan is one that will struggle to win.

            With the multitude of information that consumers are hearing and seeing every day, political advertising must stand out in order to make an impact. This is why many successful campaign drives use a combination of the above mentioned services in order to accomplish their goals. It has been said that people need to see or learn about something up to 3 times before it makes an impression in their mind, so communicating in several different fashions can help to cement a message and remind people of the importance of participation.

            Various people will pay attention to different forms of advertising, so it’s critical to cast a wide net in order to reach the most people possible. The person who might not pick up the phone is willing to click open an email and make a donations towards a candidate, and likewise the person not willing to sift through their email may take a few minutes to review a postcard at their mailbox. Repetition and various forms of political advertising help to get the word out there and remind people of their civic rights to vote.

            In order to learn more about the people you’re trying to reach, use demographic data and studies to discover what types of advertising are most effective. Some ways to break this down include according to age or geographic area. Telemarketing using a predictive dialer, direct mail and polling are good ways to start advertising. This allows for a targeted advertising campaign that reaches as much of the ideal audience as possible.  

Latest Polls Show Tight Race in Ohio



English: Official photo of Senator Sherrod Bro...

Official photographic portrait of US President...

An August 27th survey for the state of Ohio conducted by Gravis Marketing and Capitol Correspondent prove a close match is in order for the senate race between Josh Mandel and Sherrod Brown. Even more narrow is the margin between President Obama and Governor Romney. Obama leads the Ohio voter’s poll by less than one percent.

Gravis Marketing, a non-partisan polling company, performed the survey along with questions ranging from opinions on Obama’s presidential performance and Romney’s favorability to the direction of the United States of America. The Ohio poll also specifically addressed the issue of gay marriage.

According to this poll, nearly half of Ohio is opposed to gay marriage and only 38% were in favor. With over 16% of individuals undecided on the issue of gay marriage, it leaves room for other presidential viewpoints to take the lead.

This latest survey is consistent with previous polls where more women have been in favor of Obama than Romney. Similarly, those in the 18-29 year old age bracket show more interest in the current President while those over 50 side with the Governor.

In the senate race, the Democratic Party also holds a small lead with just over 43% of surveyed Ohio voters favoring Sherrod Brown to Republican candidate Josh Mandel (41%). There remains a large portion of undecided voters that could sway the election to either side in the months to follow.

Both the senate and presidential elections have a sizeable number of undecided voters, leaving Ohio a key state for both parties. With over 10% of individuals in this presidential poll still uncertain between the candidates, Ohio could be one of the biggest factors in the campaigns this fall.

For more information please contact Doug Kaplan at Gravis Marketing, Inc.

doug@gravismarketing.com Full Poll Results http://www.scribd.com/doc/104315215/Ohio-August-28-2012-Full-Ohio-POll


Political Polls Show Missouri Split over Akin Debacle

English: Claire McCaskill, member of the Unite...

, member of the United States House of Represe...

WINTER SPRINGS, Florida—Residents in Missouri are statistically tied in the debate over whether Congressman Todd Akin should withdraw from the upcoming race against Democrat Claire McCaskill, according to a new survey conducted by Gravis Marketing, Inc. With a scant 1.5 percent margin separating the two sides, it is no surprise the split primarily follows party affiliation.

Some Party Leaders are Calling for Akin to Step Aside

Congressman Akin recently made a comment that he thought there were natural responses that a woman’s body could use to prevent pregnancy during a “real” rape. In light of his statement, Gravis Marketing surveyed Missouri residents to find out if they think that Akin should drop out of the upcoming senate race. The 2012 race for the White House is expected to be a tight competition this fall. Hoping to capture more senate seats, party leaders do not want to take any chances and some are asking Akin to step aside, hoping to improve chances for a victory.

Of the respondents polled, 80 percent disagreed with his statement. Asked whether he should resign, the polls were split fairly evenly.

  • 41.6 percent said he should resign.
  • 42.4 percent said he should not resign
  • 47 percent of Democrats said he should resign
  • 37 percent of Republicans said he should resign.

Missouri Favors Romney for President

Polling the same likely Missouri voters, the survey asked which presidential candidate they would vote for if the election were held today. Romney led President Obama by a sizable margin, 53.1 percent to 36.1 percent. Considered a swing state in past elections, Missouri seems to be turning toward a Republican state status. Bush was the victor in two consecutive presidential elections, John McCain beat out Obama in the 2008 campaign and Romney is leading with a double digit advantage today.

Doug Kaplan, President of Gravis Marketing, issued an executive statement summarizing the data gathered and a complete listing of the questions asked. For press inquiries regarding political polls, contact Doug at 407-242-1870 or doug@gravismarketing.com. Polling was conducted using an automated call system to reach likely voters in Missouri by telephone. This poll has a margin of error of 3.4 percent.

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