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Predictive Dialing – The Gravis Hosted Dialer

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Gravis Predictive Dialer


Predictive Dialing using the Gravis Marketing Platform 



Predictive dialing is a computerized method of making calls to valid phone numbers at the same moment an agent becomes available to take the call. The software was developed for use by outbound call centers to maximize efficiency when placing sales calls. The ‘predictive’ nature is a computer program to use algorithms to ‘predict’ which agents will be available at the particular moment a number is dialed and the call is validated.


Predictive dialing programs dial multiple phone numbers simultaneously to reduce call agent wait times, accomplishing this with algorithms within the application that calculate a variety of factors, such as the number of call agents, the length of time for each call and the number of validated phone numbers. These calculations are computed in real time, and ‘predict’ the number and timing of validated calls needed to keep agents from waiting between calls.


Since not all phone numbers will result in a complete call, the predictive dialer also allows for a certain number of calls that can’t be validated – disconnected numbers, calls that are not answered or are answered by automated means, such as by answering machine or voicemail. So, the program dials a certain number of calls over the number of calls actually needed. Again, the algorithm enables the program to ‘predict’ how many validated calls will result.


Advancement on the basic auto dialer, the predictive dialer does more than automatically dial and validate a pre-loaded list of phone numbers before routing to call agents. The predictive dialing program works to anticipate when an agent will become available to take the call and dials in advance.


Prior to predictive dialing programs, agents in outbound call centers often had to wait from one call to the next to get a call that someone actually answered. This was extremely costly for the call center, resulting in a great deal of lost productivity. Predictive dialing solves that dilemma by making a validated call just as the agent hangs up from the previous call. This keeps productivity high.


Predictive dialing programs are available as standalone applications or as Software as a Service, or SaaS programs. SaaS programs are not purchased or downloaded by the call center. They are generally accessed via the Internet, and users subscribe to the service. The user does not need to maintain, patch, upgrade or provide server space, which makes the service very cost-effective.






Political Marketing 2013

The Importance of  Political Marketing and Political AdvertisingImage

Today’s political campaign landscape offers many opportunities to connect with potential voters including email, phone, direct mail, and the Internet. A successful campaign will explore how all of these can be used in combination to achieve the ideal goals of the campaign.

            Political advertising is critical for raising awareness about a new candidate or an issue. Despite the presence of 24 hour news stations, most people are relatively uninformed on the myriad of issues or candidates up for election. In non-presidential years, it’s even more important that campaigns reach out to voters, since many are unlikely to show up to the polls without a push in that direction. With political advertising, the message is easily and quickly shared with the audience to raise their awareness and call them to action. A campaign that does not appropriately incorporate political advertising into their plan is one that will struggle to win.

            With the multitude of information that consumers are hearing and seeing every day, political advertising must stand out in order to make an impact. This is why many successful campaign drives use a combination of the above mentioned services in order to accomplish their goals. It has been said that people need to see or learn about something up to 3 times before it makes an impression in their mind, so communicating in several different fashions can help to cement a message and remind people of the importance of participation.

            Various people will pay attention to different forms of advertising, so it’s critical to cast a wide net in order to reach the most people possible. The person who might not pick up the phone is willing to click open an email and make a donations towards a candidate, and likewise the person not willing to sift through their email may take a few minutes to review a postcard at their mailbox. Repetition and various forms of political advertising help to get the word out there and remind people of their civic rights to vote.

            In order to learn more about the people you’re trying to reach, use demographic data and studies to discover what types of advertising are most effective. Some ways to break this down include according to age or geographic area. Telemarketing using a predictive dialer, direct mail and polling are good ways to start advertising. This allows for a targeted advertising campaign that reaches as much of the ideal audience as possible.  

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